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New England - 2006

New England – Acadia National Park

Just got back from a 11-day trip to New England. Some friends (Don and Betty Huffman) had swapped a time share for a resort in Ellsworth, Maine near Acadia National Park on Mt Dessert Island. We camped in a private campground in Pennsylvania near Scranton, a state part Vermont where we visited the Vermont Country Store and at another private campground on Route 2 near Farmington, Maine going up. We took a quick drive through the White Mtns of New Hampshire and wanted to go up on Mt Washington, but it was clouded in and raining on top.

The weather was absolutely beautiful. We biked the most of the forty miles of carriage trails in the park, hiked, sightsaw, took a boat tour of some of the out lying islands, stopping for a brief visit to Sutton Island, had lobster and an all around great time. One morning, we got up at 4:30 to take a 40 minute drive to Cadillac Mtn in Acadia for the earliest sunrise on the east coast. There were great views and a surprisingly number of other there also. Another day we drove over to Schoodic Point and spent the day exploring the area and hiking.

On the return trip we stopped in Camden, Maine and had lunch along the harbor and camped at a state park in New Hampshire.

I took about 100 pictures during the trip. We camped in New Hampshire and New York on the return trip.

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